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INDEPENDENT TRAVEL caters ONLY to you and your party, even if you are a party of one.  It is the right choice when a group tour cannot satisfy your needs, schedule or interests, particularly when your interest is not to compromise on your priorities. With private arrangements, you can save time and have it your way since you are never dependent on the wishes or punctuality of those outside your party. 

IN2 TRAVEL AUSTRALIA is an expert at putting together one-of-a-kind custom itineraries that are tailored to your wish list. We couple your desires with our knowledge of logistics and on-the-ground-conditions to determine what is possible, practical, and most likely to be successful. We suggest options and opportunities that may not have occurred to you, special resources that can add substantially to your enjoyment of a destination. We pay attention to pacing: ensuring that your holidays are neither too full nor too sparse. Through attention to detail, we can create the best holiday of your life!

Independent Travel Samoa tour - golf at Sinalei Reef Resort
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Types of Independent Travel

  • Independent travel works very well for individuals and couples who are content to trade the social and economic benefits of group tours
  • Gaining flexibility on key questions: where, when and how long
  • Participants can cut things short when they choose or sometimes spend more time at places that interest them 
  •  Depending upon the itinerary, independent tours may not have drivers and guides throughout but rather pick up these services along the way as needed
  • Travellers have a greater degree of personal responsibility – and that’s the way they want it!
  • That said, private arrangements can sometimes include more services such as tours planned for people who are slow walkers or who have mobility issues. Often custom programs can enable people with challenges to access destinations that would be difficult or impossible on their own.
  • Local knowledge goes a long way!

In2 Travel Australia’s Independent Travel

In that same vein, families with children and multi-generational groups benefit tremendously from private custom itineraries. IN2 TRAVEL AUSTRALIA can organize activities that entertain and educate all ages, taking into account different energy and attention levels and offering alternative activities for different members when appropriate. Sometimes the difference between a fabulous holiday and an average one is being close to a park for young ones to run around and having accommodations that work well for a variety of age groups.

Our Services for Independent Clients

IN2 TRAVEL AUSTRALIA offers complete, one-stop coordinated holidays for independent travellers. We book and manage flights, rail tickets, ferry tickets, cruises and shore excursions, transfers, hotels and other forms of accommodations including self-catering apartments, car rentals, guides or driver-guides, sightseeing, attractions and event tickets. We can book reservations for your special dinners and offer recommendations for shopping. 

By relying on IN2 TRAVEL AUSTRALIA to handle all aspects of your holiday, you are assuring a well-run program with everything in place, coordinated centrally. Should something go wrong – cancelled flights, weather changes, etc. – we have your back.

Your satisfaction is our number one goal!