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Escorted group tours are ideal for many kinds of travel. With a knowledgeable, destination-trained guide and a route-familiar driver to get you around (sometimes it is a driver-guide), escorted tours allow individuals and small parties to join a larger group to access areas and attractions in ways that would be difficult or impossible on their own. Escorted tours can be time savers, money savers, and experience-accelerators, plus you will share your journey with interesting, like-minded individuals. If you can assemble enough people, your escorted group tour can be limited to your party.

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Escorted Group Tours |Tasmania

In2 Travel Australia’s Escorted Group Tours

Escorted group tours happen in several ways. IN2 TRAVEL AUSTRALIA from time to time organizes set tours to areas that we find fascinating, coordinating the itinerary, fixing the dates and limiting the number of participants. Examples of this type of tour may be an exploration of the east coast of Tasmania, including hiking, wine tasting and spectacular scenery. By joining our mailing list, you will be alerted to upcoming group travel opportunities.

Advantages of an Escorted Group Tour

  • We can cover a lot of ground. With your own coach or van, often connecting to flights, ferries, boats, etc., you can go further than you could travel on your own. The nuts and bolts of transportation become worry-free.
  • We can provide access that you would be hard-pressed to get as an individual. Private showings can be scheduled, unique receptions can be organized, craft demonstrations, dance performances, wine tastings, epicurean events, behind-the-scenes touring – all are possible when there are sufficient numbers to make it both affordable to you and viable for local suppliers. 
  • You will ordinarily have the same guide throughout who will get to know you, watch out for you and be available with supplementary information whenever you ask. Our friendly, hand-chosen guides are ambassadors for their destinations, making history and culture come alive. 
  • Our tours will save you money. Shared costs such as transportation can be split between many instead of being borne by a few, and you benefit from IN2 TRAVEL AUSTRALIA’s special group savings on admissions, etc. 
  • Your journey will be enhanced by companions who share your interests and are discovering new places at the same time you do!
  • Our itineraries often include surprises and special inclusions, our way of thanking you for traveling with us!
  • You travel stress-free. We take care of all logistics so you don’t have to worry about navigating new places, finding parking, dealing with opening/closing times, procuring sought-after tickets, finding places to eat, etc. 
  • Forget aimless wandering! You will often have free time to poke around, but you won’t miss any of the really important sights because we’ll show them to you!
  • Give your wallet a rest! With almost all costs prepaid, it’s simple to budget for tipping, those meals which are not included and souvenirs.

Who travels on Escorted Group Tours?

It can be anyone of any age, but escorted group tours are particularly attractive to those traveling on their own or those who appreciate camaraderie on a worry-free, secure vacation. Also in this group are those who value having someone to assist them throughout their journey, a guide who will stay with them through most of the trip rather than a new guide (or no guide) at every stop. 

Some group tours are targeted toward specific participants such as women, couples, those over 50, people with special interests, or those who enjoy very active holidays. If you are interested in any of these categories, please contact us.