About In2 Travel Australia

What should you look for in the people who plan some of the most memorable moments of your life – your holidays? 

You want good listeners who will ask you a lot of questions – people who will give you a trip tailored just for you rather than a standard, off-the-shelf package. You want someone curious and adventurous who will personally scope out a destination so that every recommendation is knowledgeable and heartfelt. You want experts with a practiced eye and attention to detail rather than relying on opinions of unknown people posting on TripAdvisor. You want seasoned travelers who love what they do because their joy will inevitably be reflected in your holiday.

Meet the Management

Leah Gage founded In2 Travel Australia in 2011, a transformative career change that she prepared for with a dynamic plan. She uprooted her family to Australia’s premier tourism region, the Gold Coast in Queensland. She immersed herself for several years in demanding tourism courses, winning top awards, and then followed up with hands-on positions in various tourism sectors to learn best practices. She worked with wholesalers and agents from Russia, Canada, the USA, New Caledonia, New Zealand, India, and the Middle East, learning from each interaction which factors contributed to the best, most memorable holidays. She mastered specialty upon specialty, earning an array of tourism certificates in an ongoing educational process that continues today. 

Leah is an impassioned traveller, supported by an expert staff that allows her to periodically step away from the office. Find her out in the field on inspection tours to In2 Travel Australia destinations or as the facilitator of educational tours for travel professionals. She has wandered extensively through Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and parts of Asia. She has explored in the Americas, Europe and beyond so that she can book outbound travel virtually anywhere, with ease and confidence. Her contacts are global! She nurtures these personal relationships and taps their local knowledge to bring out-of-the-ordinary experiences to her clients. 

Furthermore, Leah is President of WITIA (Women in Tourism International Alliance), a global association of tourism professionals, allowing her to expand her network even wider and draw on colleagues’ knowledge and referrals. This has been particularly useful for In2 Travel Australia’s outbound clients.  

Tiffany Kirchner, when she isn’t traveling the world or trailing her two young sons, manages the smooth sailing of In2 Travel Australia with office administration, staff assignments, accounting, social media, and contracts as well as handling independent client bookings and enquiries. Tiffany has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Masters in Human Resource Management. She has travelled extensively to destinations including Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia, as well as cruising the South Pacific. Off the clock she has roamed through the United States, island-hopped through the Caribbean, toured across Europe and the UK, and visited Japan. She feels deep satisfaction in helping In2 Travel Australia clients discover her unique corner of the world. 

Leah and Tiffany are committed to personal, best quality service to clients, be they individual travellers, small escorted tours, or bespoke groups. From travel dreaming and first discussions until the clients’ final return home with a suitcase full of memories, In2 Travel Australia provides travellers with an experience second to none.